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I wont say it again
because I’ve said it before
when I wanted it.
yet driven
mastermind it
until I get it.
But I lose things as
quickly as they arrive.
I apologize in advance.
and want to say sorry
for all the fucked up things
I refuse to say in words.
and my passive aggression
is present
I’ll try to keep it at bay.
where I keep most things.
old things.
overused words, thoughts, phrases
released into oceans
Because theres never much use for them anyway.
-Cam ie


there I go again chasing fast cars, and fast boys that fall in love with anything committed to loving them
They fall.
Not for me. or for themselves ..
they fall out of life
into the pouch of spirits …
and they themselves are spirits.
Fierce entities that walk through flesh like water.
in and out.
and for a second you called it love
while he merely called it existing
-Cam ie


who wants to survive
or harder
pardon, my jargon.
I’ll bargain
And here comes the wilted pariah
or messiah.
dual personas
split the world
in half
or haves
or have nots ..
random shenanigan longing…
I’m strong and im
and want to be lawless.
blacklist my spirit
from this earthless circus ..
circuit the circus …
succumb to purpose..
divide the circle
and even that is half.
but I convince myself I dont care
I dont care
I dont care
yet mentally im there
and back to the place
that degradates and humilates
the only side of me
worth having.
-cam ie


They are curious on how my lips move.
how they heave
and weave between
the lines of their thighs
And hips that
ebb and shed
laws of convention.
The mention of my skin
Construct intricate webs
of meaningless sex.
the answer of
human habit
rest in my cervix.
The Center
so perfect
yet worthless after the
boots are laced
– cam ie


Someone so limp
with fumbling sense
with craters
that hide
My wild being.
I’m being completely Honest
and yes this might very well be a love poem.
or lyrics
or just words that were trapped
in the trenches
of my throat.
But when the lights went out.
I cried.
Tears so enriched
that itched.
and everything far away
rawed my days.
and clawed my face.
And here,
he picks
and lifts me.
Loving me for who I am
and who I’ll become.
That never seemed attainable.
strange woes and irrational lows
that made days slow.
You dig me out
still carrying me off
to something that may very well be
or not.
but in the now
you speak of me
like a Lifted Monument.
how ironic since
I thought I was a suitless, ruthless
The Now has inspired
delighted me.
Thank you
for bringing me back to even
thank you
thank you
for carrying me around
-Cam Ie


Black Stage
cover me in spirits
and glide me up stage.
Rise me from every death
and dying thing in me.
I have lungs
so wishful
and hands
of crystals
and I wish
I cant see
what I know I become.
or what I havent.
how gallant!
riding in with swords
and cords
that only knights hang themselves
or pain themselves with.
I’ll find an antidote for my mediocrity
and vain philosophies … And all of my
I promise
better shtick.
I’ll entertain purely
for you.
-cam ie