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I’m only tempted because I’m laid
Across the frontlines.
Trying the best to hide
from things and hims
That no longer hold me.
Carrying buckets of water
To oceans that im in debt to
Or diving off ridges
That make minutes forgettable.
How insatiable and crippling.
Incapacitating reason
While theories form shapes.
Form Bodies that aren’t consistent
With the value of my now.
I’m only tempted.
But restrictions place me
At 180 degrees.
Pride and unreliable instincts
Reduce sencereity and contact.
I want you.
Or needed you to validate my use.
-Cam ie



I wont say it again
because I’ve said it before
when I wanted it.
yet driven
mastermind it
until I get it.
But I lose things as
quickly as they arrive.
I apologize in advance.
and want to say sorry
for all the fucked up things
I refuse to say in words.
and my passive aggression
is present
I’ll try to keep it at bay.
where I keep most things.
old things.
overused words, thoughts, phrases
released into oceans
Because theres never much use for them anyway.
-Cam ie


Black Stage
cover me in spirits
and glide me up stage.
Rise me from every death
and dying thing in me.
I have lungs
so wishful
and hands
of crystals
and I wish
I cant see
what I know I become.
or what I havent.
how gallant!
riding in with swords
and cords
that only knights hang themselves
or pain themselves with.
I’ll find an antidote for my mediocrity
and vain philosophies … And all of my
I promise
better shtick.
I’ll entertain purely
for you.
-cam ie


Long time
While distances rely on the mind.
Or crime?
And how far will you run?
Silent and mute
At bus corners waiting on
Delayed bus routes.
men and women come
And go.
Groom their offspring
Into black suits.
And they too ridcule.
However miniscule.
But they do wait.
Reacting to this moment
Practicing their homage
Their Fondness
With trickery beneath their honest.
-cam ie


with vision
and untold tales
where godly folk
on their words
and anything
is savage.
So we live by
granted and given
by unseen men.
they gave us 10.
we hang by the noose
and lose
everything we ever knew.
its worse.
we nurse them
we curse them
but abiding
while lying
waiting for the the day we die
so we can kiss our maker
-Cam Ie


If the Sun leads the way

and light means everything

in an everything world,

then where does that leave us?

it feeds us in

unfulfiling ways,

and they come with lazy days and beam us away.

And I fought through the labyrinth and

came out alive.


Pouring my pockets out.

Scrapping my knees.

I’m dropping health.

And any locket, rockets

or sockets leave me sightless.

Who needs eyes when your righteous?

Or so I thought.

with reverent plots.

Take me to the lake.

I’ll follow the Light.