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They are curious on how my lips move.
how they heave
and weave between
the lines of their thighs
And hips that
ebb and shed
laws of convention.
The mention of my skin
Construct intricate webs
of meaningless sex.
the answer of
human habit
rest in my cervix.
The Center
so perfect
yet worthless after the
boots are laced
– cam ie


Season II

The heat beating against temptation.
Its sedation.
and creatures of habit
Moving like mad men
Bad men
wanting something more
than ourselves.
Its selfless. But selfish
because the need
and warm bodies
form ideas
Thats even bigger than
the Sun.
More than love
but a less genuine sacrifice
craft of life.
Sweat, green leaves
and bugs
rub the atmosphere
like a neanderthal.
and Season
has taken us over.
-Cam ie