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We bargain tomorrow
with past incompetence.
And lay in our doubts
like we rest on our mistress.
Listless the day goes
with wish list
welcomed to expose
and whiplash
that crawls
from a memory I had yesterdays ago
-Cam ie



I would of never guessed everything to be so still.

the moon has come to the water and reflected
bits of twilight and flecks of universe.
I have over packed.
I have baby fat still lodged into worry
with my adolescent slumped
over my back.
And it all seem so necessary
SO vital ..
Suitcases of principles, ideals, poems, favorite essays. Favorite quotes, journals entries , ticket stubs, photos …
I have over packed.
-Cam Ie






I am yielding,  I am praying.

Through the night my voice,

a blaring struggle

but I yield.

It has slipped away, and the praying

consistent, has slipped away.

Sound bursting everywhere,

but it jumps to the river

and dunks under,

and rises

and under again …

crowds, stand still

watching the sound gurgle

Die, and breath again.

They see it rise,

and have called me clean.

— Cam Ie