Today I had to go for training at the first job that I had gotten at the fitness center. Now at 1:30, which is fairly close to that time now, I am at the interview I spoke of earlier. The one that initially was supposed to be on Friday, but was changed to 1:30 today.
My alarm clock didn’t go off this morning for one reason or another. That kinda of started the day off a bit annoying. But I took a breath and told myself, don’t exaggerate a minor setback. Still made it to the training at the fitness center on time, then Rushed home, did my make up and put my professional swag on and ran out the door (which happens to be a salon/ spa center.)
I actually made it here earlier than I expected, and at this very moment waiting for Kim to interview me. She hasn’t gotten here yet so I decided to do a quick blog update.
The place is very elegant, and has a certain prestige to the atmosphere. The lights are inviting and the front desk lady seem very pleasant , even offered me water while I wait.
I’m only surprised how less intimidated that I initially thought I was gonna be. I feel relaxed at the moment, but … until later bloggers…I’ll let you know how the interview went. Wish me luck!
And wanna thank you guys for the inspiration and encouragement that I have received. I truly thank you and believe that’s what gave me my confidence today.


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