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I’m only tempted because I’m laid
Across the frontlines.
Trying the best to hide
from things and hims
That no longer hold me.
Carrying buckets of water
To oceans that im in debt to
Or diving off ridges
That make minutes forgettable.
How insatiable and crippling.
Incapacitating reason
While theories form shapes.
Form Bodies that aren’t consistent
With the value of my now.
I’m only tempted.
But restrictions place me
At 180 degrees.
Pride and unreliable instincts
Reduce sencereity and contact.
I want you.
Or needed you to validate my use.
-Cam ie


I wont say it again
because I’ve said it before
when I wanted it.
yet driven
mastermind it
until I get it.
But I lose things as
quickly as they arrive.
I apologize in advance.
and want to say sorry
for all the fucked up things
I refuse to say in words.
and my passive aggression
is present
I’ll try to keep it at bay.
where I keep most things.
old things.
overused words, thoughts, phrases
released into oceans
Because theres never much use for them anyway.
-Cam ie


Long time
While distances rely on the mind.
Or crime?
And how far will you run?
Silent and mute
At bus corners waiting on
Delayed bus routes.
men and women come
And go.
Groom their offspring
Into black suits.
And they too ridcule.
However miniscule.
But they do wait.
Reacting to this moment
Practicing their homage
Their Fondness
With trickery beneath their honest.
-cam ie


 There will be a gathering momentarily.
Some will embody others
for spiritual release.
I hold my stones in my pocket.
and toss them
when people become forgotten.
Sickly yet richly nodding …
Voices have been spiked
Down our throats…
we claim martyrs within ourselves
On the outside of
our sweaty flesh and open pores
is where our ego has claimed us as Gods.
Fraud has been pushed down to the toes.
white, curled and
hiding from peaks
of sight and air.
-Cam ie



Unfold me.
Dont dispose of me.
Grow me.
and watch my everything
like and untold
Moral folklore.
If I spoke more.
Maybe you can see
My life is of Thorns.
Bring me
into your world.
I only float occationally
and maybe
if you can see past my
I’ll reveal every color
even if by Two.
Its you
that drives me into
a Snow globe.
I’ve been exposed.
But if you take me home
we’ll forget my restless


Just along the root is where
quiet can be found.
where the crowns
beat the groundless.
and there are lines in between.
Bring you down to basics
where basic
low fellows
in basements.
Chasing dreams of
normal things.
Along the mind
they reign supreme.
And claims
of God found in veins.
calls home the manatees.
they’re manic
They drove too deep
somewhere along Summer and Atlantic.
Save them.
-Cam ie