Writers Block

Writers Block

Sept 9th 2014

So I came across a blog today that spoke of writers block. I really was feeling dry today but this blog had 27 ways to beat writers block. One recommendation was create an imaginary friend. The blog said think of this imaginary friend as a fan of yours “that supports everything you you do.”  Talk to him or her, have a discussion, write them a letter and maybe something might come from that. So I created Jacob. After looking through various pictures, magazines etc… I saw Jacob and I decided to keep the name the same … just to make him seem more realistic.

At first it seem a bit silly to be talking to a picture (that I taped to my desk.) But then I realized I do a lot of talking to myself, so what really is the difference. After about 10- 15 minutes of talking to this picture … I was inspired and it really did help. So I guess i’ll keep Jacob around. My new friend and muse!

Anyone having writers block should read this “27 Wacky Ways to Beat Writers Block” .. might help

27 Wacky Ways to Beat Writers Block



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