Of course it would be you

who leaped into my skin like a manic cricket.

Breaking every bone in my body and rearranging me upside down.

You would want me angry.

Shattered as fallen glass.

Waiting for me to step into my own brokenness.

You are filthy and dim.

Enshrouded by the wool ignorance of your hate

and it rises off of you

like wet into a sky

like fog from a lake

How had I missed it?

Watching you slowly slipping into the graceful pits of my flesh,

taking my entirety and downsizing it to fit in your pocket.

Very clever and underestimated.

For that and that alone I admire you.

Plucking a little bit of your fire and storing it into the chambers of my belly.

and now I glow like a red ruby at night.

Now I learned how to hate sharply.

My hate permeating a room, sneaking around the nape of a neck and holding it hostage.

I am a bitter woman now

with too much sense

and too  weak of limbs to find another man like you

who would dumb the weight of his failures into the bed of my arms like a waste bin.

My love too brave,

swallowing you and adjusting you into the film of my soul.

Protecting and wrapping you with the best parts of me.

Like a tornado, circling in your own madness, you bust right out of me.

Plummeting straight out.

I am no longer jested.

I feel you crouching in the alleyways of my mind

waiting to twist and fold me like a bow.

No more.

I have been revived from the blue graveyard.

Brought back to life and put back together with glue and tape.

With a roar of a lioness seeping through the pores of my skin

and a jaw of concrete and steel waiting to bite an entire world out of you.

I am the ax that will slice right through you.

Each blow rising and chasing you like wood until you are gore and bruised.

Until you are nothing but a puddle of splinters.

So the next girl you come across can see what a woman you made out of me.

–Cam Ie


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