I believe one positive step, or thought can lead to numerous others.I always believed this, and read many articles, books, meet with many people who share this similar idea.

Today, I decided to go grab a pack of cigarettes from the new convenient store just 3 minutes away from my house. I asked the clerk if he happened to have Newport 100s … He said no, and explained how a  shipment should be arriving within days. Then he asked, if I would be interested in the regular size Newports. I thought, and decided that cigarettes have become way too pricey to settle for anything regular sized.

I decided to walk to the stop N Shop, just 10 minutes further, and when I finally got there, I realized that their cigarettes were even more pricey, and didn’t believe I had the extra dollar to purchase them (yeah that’s where my financial status is at right now.)

So I annoyingly and impatiently walked another five minutes to the gas station. There, cigarettes are always cheaper. I got the cigarettes, and thought .. Well since I am in the area, maybe I’ll pick up an application for this clothing store a minute away from the gas station. I’m waiting in a line that seem to be more calm then my impatience. I waited, waited until I just left. Directly to the right of the clothing store is an all women’s fitness center. I thought, it couldn’t hurt to ask for an application there.

After immediately asking for an application, the lady at the front desk begin explaining how they were looking for someone, since the person she referred to as Nann, decided the hours weren’t fitting for her. As she was explaining this, the owner of the fitness center walks in.  White woman, fairly attractive female, with a slim figure, and black hair  tightened into a pony tail. The front desk lady, begin explaining my interest in working there, and the boss immediately became interested. As if I was her savior, the superior one.

After filling the application that the front desk woman gave me, the owner immediately asked for a quick interview. She was very social, and friendly … talking more to me than browsing my application. After about 5 minutes, she says I seem like the right fit for the job, and would have to talk to one of the managers to let him in on my possible new position.

I’m still keeping my fingers crossed. Although she seem certain I would receive the position. I just dont want to become over enthused because when I typically do, the results are dreadful. I am being humble about the situation, but am confident that I will be their new hired employee!

It’s crazy how coincidences can lead to opportunity!


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