Yes it is true what they say.
May stray from the white
May stray from the blue.
Call me gray,
By colors misused.
My thoughts,
May circle around the globe
Until they find a magnet hole
Or a world where limits
too wide.
too bold
rescue me
And make me whole
I may be odd,
And think of things
Tall and broad.
Finding art in my odd thought
spark, where I thought
Battles should be fought.
Or think of things that may never occur
Or thoughts unimaginable.
Much I prefer.
It lives under
My skin.
You may not grasp
What I find content.
Or grasp my motion
Or the way I live
But learned comfort
In me.
A breakthrough,
A gift.
Sure the bizarre
Has met me at night,
And carried me off
To an imagination
Of flight.
You may regard me out of sight.
But I managed to become me,
And that’s quite alright
And I learned to live in me.
Admire the person I was
And who I became.
And disregard all your
Snickers and jokes
Half undone.
I am not perfect.
Don’t reach beyond
limits. But run.
And see my imperfection
Light and full
it guides me to self acceptation
It lights me well
And admire my reflection
No need for correction
This is me, grip tight
With all my Imperfections
— Cam Ie


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