I see how you drivers snicker or mock us ordinary bus/ subway pedestrians. Seeing us clearly in the wide view window display of the bus … Like a drive- in in theater, slanting to the right of your view … You see us. And we clearly are aware of you. Purposely avoiding eye contact, because after all we know who wins that battle.
YES! I ride the subway and I ride the Bus! It may be unfathomable to most of the driving world. But I can’t afford a car, and if I did, do you think I would want to be involve with this bullshit?
And I love and admire my fellow subway/bus riders. But some of you guys are a piece of shit. Disregarding your fellow comrades!
TREASON I say! Impatiently shoving each other aside … fighting your fellow solider with shoulder jabs, and torso hits, just to get that one narrow seat that suddenly has become available by your other fellow comrade .. Bill, or zac .. Or whatever his name is. We should have appreciation for one another. And become one solid machine. One unit! … Going after the real enemy … After the real jokers … WAR AGAINST DRIVERS!! And all those who mock us, or beep their horn when we are anxiously crossing the street … We’re walking assholes!!!, so who really has the stronger argument??We must unite, and become a force to be reckon with.


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