SEPTEMBER 13, 2014

I denounce this night. Take a step back. re-pronounce this night.

With a day, bright, and smooth carried away

to some place where shadows and stars meet in space.

Where people came, and went further away.

And some decided to stick around and stay.

Where earth moved just a bit each moment.

With people in it, too weak, or too strong to hold it.

And nature running wild with legs …

attacking, reacting, slapping delicacy away. 

Yet I stayed. Exposed, and concealed … covered away.

My eyes stretching as far as I can process everything.

mark facts/ with everything. Now i dropp back with everything.

Organizing days and nights

and people and moments and weird things that were said

then I fall deeper into a sleep where dreams re-enact the day

and its a stage … where everything and everyone had a role to play

–Cam Ie


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