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Someone so limp
with fumbling sense
with craters
that hide
My wild being.
I’m being completely Honest
and yes this might very well be a love poem.
or lyrics
or just words that were trapped
in the trenches
of my throat.
But when the lights went out.
I cried.
Tears so enriched
that itched.
and everything far away
rawed my days.
and clawed my face.
And here,
he picks
and lifts me.
Loving me for who I am
and who I’ll become.
That never seemed attainable.
strange woes and irrational lows
that made days slow.
You dig me out
still carrying me off
to something that may very well be
or not.
but in the now
you speak of me
like a Lifted Monument.
how ironic since
I thought I was a suitless, ruthless
The Now has inspired
delighted me.
Thank you
for bringing me back to even
thank you
thank you
for carrying me around
-Cam Ie


COME find me.
i’ll wait.
Reservation upheld
out of formality and
dry morality
find me.
where the pieces have
not quite falling.
they’re drawing
and im crawling
against the rigid film
of totality.
or reality.
how we exchange words
so callously.
it doesn’t matter
because we’d only love
and that doesn’t even matter.
With the wind
this freely
love passing on briefly.
Find me anyway.
no vows
and forever
another word
we’d choose to forget.
cam ie


With sheets this neat
I’m afraid to disturb it.
I’m hurting. I’m perverted.
alluring and im boring
I wish I can tell you
All the things that’s beige in me.
Theres shade in me.
But Whatsever in you
Is into
That in which I lend you
and youre already mended.
No commitment
No pretending …
There are lies that I hide
I’m obliged
To protect you.
I’m surprised youre alive
It be wise to affect you.
For a second I’ll give what I can
In a can to your hand.
Heres my spark. Theres a start.
Heres a heart.
That’s a lot.
when my woes get me low
Youre alone
Ill be far
—Cam ie

I just think of you
And want this night and this bed
And my thoughts to be the only thing
Alive. You don’t have to be around. These days, this notion of you resonates and bends reality.
– cam ie