You were good to me. And I do remember

when I first saw you.

Not much of an outlier among the others stiffly placed near you.

your smooth green modesty, compelling.

Captivating me immediately.

You had to be mine, and eventually you were.

I promised you a bright future,

a loving home, a loving hand,

which would clasped you tightly,

protect you from the dangers of

negligence, impulsive cats, and myself.

I have betrayed you today.

I usually fill you up, slowly.

Adding nothing, but dark powerful

firm blackness. You were simply graceful

and your grace was all that was needed.

Away with sugar! Away with cream!

Because simplicity need no

opulent necessity

You were always enough.

And the dark, and strong coffee

was all that was needed.

My sudden need for change.

For addition.

Has ruined you today.

I held on to you,

anxious for cream, for sugar.

and what a mistake that was.

Everything happened in slow motion.

Me, waiting impatiently for the squealing kettle,

Oh …how it squealed so seductively.

My eagerness, running to the kitchen.

I grabbed you tenderly, more tender than need be

and reached for the rich, demanding cream.

for the change.

And it happened.

My tender grip failed you.

My solider, sinking to the floor,

and all I could do was stare.

then the anger, then the let down,

then the raw emotion of failure

crashed down on me,

more harshly then you might imagine.

Your green split, fragments of

what was or what could of been ..

spread across the floor,

and I was embarrassed.

My promises broken.

you broken.


How could you be replaced?

You were my revered lover.

I have took that away from myself,

from you.

RIP Green Coffee Cup.

My memory will secure a place for you.

Memory that will always remind me of my incompetence,

of my reverable lover.

– Cam Ie


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