Me and my roommate were having a conversation about friends with benefits, the other night.Now I have always been fascinated with this whole  friends with benefits Concept. it works perfect for some people, and if two people are mutually compliant and on the same “page”  with this whole FWB situation, then by all means, do it! It works, youre satisfied, you go on and keep on living.For the most part I think (and now this may sound a little raw to some of my bloggers) but I believe for a friends with Benefits situation to truly work without anyone getting emotionally hurt, attached or misled, is to treat it like a Prostitute/ John situation. That’s even funnier typing it, than it actually sounds in my head. But its true. There cant be any whispering of “sweet nothings” or any “I miss yous” or “i’m thinking of yous” … Now I am aware that maybe that separates the whole situation from the prostitute/ john feel, but my question is this, is it even  necessary? Although Many probably will argue that communication ( sexual or otherwise )can build to infatuation and thats what possibly enhances the experience. But I believe, In the long run,its not usually worth the result. It’ll usually end disastrous for one person or another. Maybe i’m being too dramatic. But text messages beside, “wanna have sex tonight,” is much more productive than false hope. or Cant we even just let situations happen. Not put a label  out of our fears or insecurities to commit or not commit. Why cant we just let it be, because labeling things later become the bigger issue. But to conclude my little observation/ and banter, I think people can sometimes say “we’re on the same page.” , but  I think were quite never really on the same paragraph.


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