September 7th, 2014

You and I are on the rooftop, plucking bats with our eyes

as they dart up and outward.

Shooting in the sky like heavy light from a firework.

We lay graceless as the mosquitoes dive in and out of our sight, flicking with and against the wind.

We watch the night slowly invade the infinite stretch of light.

Our breath falling off of our lips, and catching the quiet dark.

Eyes stretched out into the fleeting sky as night approaches us like a moving phantom

inviting us into another world.

This is another world.

Properties of magic quaking the industrious world within us.

Pulling our fruitful core to the surface.

Magic, seizing this moment.

Our bodies highlight in a vivacious hue.

Everything around us turns dim.

With ease, the background hovers near

and like an iron hand, reaches out, snatching everything obscure

into the paling void.

We are alone.

The turning earth pulling a pall over itself.

Giggles, and whispers are heavy lullabies

cradling the earth to sleep.

Honesty and passion suspend in the chill around us

illuminating and justifying out desperate need for love.

We are young. Our youth shinning like bits of glass in our eyes.

in Our smile.

in Our touch.

Words and laughter are exchanged but unnecessary.

We are enough.

The crawling heat jumping out of flesh into the loose pockets of this moment.

This is love.

Something simple yet absolute, taking on shades and textures so wondrous, so reverent and reassuring.

There will never be another moment like this.

Even when we have moved on to other ideas and lovers.

Even when the earth swallows us into a wet embrace.

We can always hide in the corner of this.

–Cam Ie


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