Crack babies united, stay riding.
High spirited counted low
but inspired talent, and writers
turn crack from that ash to hope.
We still hoping though.
Stay open to smash the world
and people who doubted us.
Trying to reroute us
and when they do,
we rarely slipping
we come tearing down eyes.
Flip forward,
we slashing through lies
caution is stationed
but quick to dip
we moving by Drive.
We’re compelling.
Some bad seeds
grow crooked
but when they grow older,
we weed them out
Maintain a strong commitment
to the world and self
and clean them out.
With barely a movement,
We mentally moving through dark clouds, and lighthouses.
We stay levitated, and dedicated
to better saviors.
No time for anything trying to stop us
or recreate us.
– Cam Ie

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