September 5th 2014

At 26, I’ve learned that

any belief, conception or perception can be retained

or given away.

And that dreams do come true

but you either get there

by swords and bent spoons

or from standards that have been forming longer than you.

I learned that love does exist

and with that comes laughs, hurt and embedded lessons.

With that comes shades of colors

that I can mention but believe dont exist.

I’ve learned that its better to listen

because when you talk too much

you’re either turned down, misunderstood, or misunderstand.

Its better to be yourself,

stay away from large crowds.

Too much influence can leave you dry

But too little, can leave you insensible or misinformed.

I learned that you should never turn your back on the world.

But pick apart of it, store it in your pocket.

And when you’re alone, you can stare at it

Because people, tall ideas, and objects

can keep you grounded.

—Cam Ie


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