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So I must thank some of my fellow bloggers. I feel extremely encouraged today after reading some of these blogs. Very inspiring, and helping me to actually market myself better, and get back out there. I believe a lot of the times we hold ourselves back because of fear. Fear of rejection, Fear of thinking we aren’t qualified enough, or fear of failure. I must admit for the past few weeks, Ive always been put into that fear category, but as I said before reading some of the blogs, have encouraged me tremendously.

I previously wrote a blog about “How the Universe Conspires” and I do wholeheartedly believe this. Instead of thinking fear, I try and think of the positive .. “what if I am capable?” ” If I believe in something and I mean truly believe in it and want something (change importantly) I have to rewire my brain and believe that it will come to a reality. I believe the Universe/ God will conspire to make it happen. This has been a good day. “I’m not good enough”,.. and the self loathing period is beginning to diminish. And I do feel this, and believe I am capable of gaining whatever I truly want. it may not be immediately but through patience, and sincere belief,  it will happen.

So thank you bloggers, for your encouragement, and most importantly for reviving my spirits. I couldn’t thank you enough!.


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