I want you Happy

And I hope you do succeed.

Broken hearts are forgiving.

After the heartache,

it calms between us soldiers.

I keep my composure.

I am a Woman.

Accepting terse moments

gradually, i’m fragile, see

and can believe tall tales

and fallacies.

But shoving emotion aside.

I am a Woman

and I hate to say this but I want you happy.

—Cam Ie


Lonely nights bring lonely minds

to collaborate themselves…

Switch and play back and fourth

isolated ideas that can only mean something to someone

who is also searching for something.


At 26, I’ve learned that 

any belief, conception or perception can be retained

or given away.

And that dreams do come true

but you either get there

by swords and bent spoons

or from standards that have been forming longer than you. 

I learned that love does exist

and with that comes laughs, hurt and embedded lessons.

With that comes shades of colors

that I can mention but believe dont exist. 

I’ve learned that its better to listen

because when you talk too much

you’re either turned down, misunderstood, or misunderstand.

Its better to be yourself,

stay away from large crowds.

Too much influence can leave you dry

But too little, can leave you insensible or misinformed.

I learned that you should never turn your back on the world.

But pick apart of it, store it in your pocket.

And when you’re alone, you can stare at it

Because people, tall ideas, and objects

can keep you grounded.

—Cam Ie



There’s no glory in anything passive.

Time claims our before, and our now.

It drives us.

But through compulsion and doubt,

our resistance, an ambiguous ray,

disregards anything unattainable at this second.

—Cam Ie

Come Here

“Come here” 

This is what he said to me.

“Come here.”

And I trembled.

There it was.


Turning the wheels

and redirecting my need.

Making my want a willow,

dense and rooted.

I stared him down long enough.

It knocked him over,

picked him up

and dragged him to me.

–Cam Ie

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