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who wants to survive
or harder
pardon, my jargon.
I’ll bargain
And here comes the wilted pariah
or messiah.
dual personas
split the world
in half
or haves
or have nots ..
random shenanigan longing…
I’m strong and im
and want to be lawless.
blacklist my spirit
from this earthless circus ..
circuit the circus …
succumb to purpose..
divide the circle
and even that is half.
but I convince myself I dont care
I dont care
I dont care
yet mentally im there
and back to the place
that degradates and humilates
the only side of me
worth having.
-cam ie



Black Stage
cover me in spirits
and glide me up stage.
Rise me from every death
and dying thing in me.
I have lungs
so wishful
and hands
of crystals
and I wish
I cant see
what I know I become.
or what I havent.
how gallant!
riding in with swords
and cords
that only knights hang themselves
or pain themselves with.
I’ll find an antidote for my mediocrity
and vain philosophies … And all of my
I promise
better shtick.
I’ll entertain purely
for you.
-cam ie


Relatable Sins
regurgitate, at an alarming State,
Mind debates
leave you holding unnecessary doors
and passing by the golden gates.
Beating against
the doors of Chest.
Please rest.
because we remind
of our blindness
and Crime our health
through mental clutter
physical, mystical
break downs
Lay down.
and the Sea has abated …
receding yet
you to a new place.
– Cam Ie


white and black squares
he has come prepared.
praises and lauded fixation
slap his body into a brass seagull.
Sublime but languid.
Mindful and shameless,
We are Compelled to relinquish
a self serving piece.
We serve you.
Pawn ourselves in a war of you.
Spawn ourselves in new features.
Throw guises of pseudo preachers.
and read sermons of exalted men
that have found our being.
-Cam ie


With sheets this neat
I’m afraid to disturb it.
I’m hurting. I’m perverted.
alluring and im boring
I wish I can tell you
All the things that’s beige in me.
Theres shade in me.
But Whatsever in you
Is into
That in which I lend you
and youre already mended.
No commitment
No pretending …
There are lies that I hide
I’m obliged
To protect you.
I’m surprised youre alive
It be wise to affect you.
For a second I’ll give what I can
In a can to your hand.
Heres my spark. Theres a start.
Heres a heart.
That’s a lot.
when my woes get me low
Youre alone
Ill be far
—Cam ie

For Bernie

For Bernie :

When I put my thoughts in words.
Scrambled eggs, and baking.

Cant think straight/
Pockets leaning on naked
Pause only has me shrinking.
Pause only has me drinking

It’s a millennials twist
So I’m millennial rich …
Shitty jobs, with shity wages
Make them millennials bitch.

But we just living.
Used to something
But that turned to nothing
And back at something
But the truths gone again/
Another song again/
Broken man left always wrong again .
With Libra conscious
I’m pounds away.
Scale been compromised
but thundering feet
only miles away .
And we fight.
–Cam Ie
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