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All effort and initiative has been arbitrary
They think my heart is vague.
That my humility has somehow
Been breached.
I feel.
I feel so intently and personally
My limps stiffen
And my mind buried in stasis
But I feel.
The truth is : love
Has been draped in irony.
In imagination.

.. A heart is nothing more than an embellished fossil

— Cam Ie



I’d like to fall in love again
But I’m afraid I might ruin you
So I just sit here alone
With poets words and flimsy songs
And an open wound for a soul.
Don’t follow me into the lows
Because I might bring you down
Bring you down
Bring you down
C’mon now
Turn around
Turn around
I got nothing but junk,
And a shit load of red flags.
And about 5 bucks
In change
A tainted brain
Wrapped in chains.
And a gutted suit without a shoe
… Maps
Of ideas and places I’d like to visit
Sick of my dreamers thoughts
So I tend to resist shit.
lost in my
Inconsistent mood
… And misguided attitude
I’d just bring you down
Bring you down
C’mon now
Just turn around
I’m broken
– cam ie