It all fell out of me.
crowding me. discombobulating
My emotions are too weak.
too bleak.
and My words cant maintain the pace.
there too meek.
Bring the cows and the sheep.
and a blanket.
throw wool over the cattle.
The days bring their battles.
Subconsciously i’m conscientiously
aware of every day struggles of
every mans troubles.
and attach my myself
where the background
meets black ground
“i’ll be back now”
Dont react now

Mental slaughterhouse
I’m clawing out.
I’m Gutted.
Its all out.
I crawled out
it takes a certain mind
to manage
the weight
Battle wounds
turn a mouse
into a warrior
gather the faith
Come out Stronger
through each wave
Take sight of a new day

– Cam ie


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