They dip us in honey
Nearly drowned us
We’re boundless
Purple is Black
And we agree so soundless
around treading
and spreading through
A muddy conscience
hands stuck and heavy
oath to material martyrs’
its gets hotter in boiling water
We dropping.
when the bottom tin burned out
walking sidewalks turned out
We burnt out
Its easier to
Follow direction
Its reckless
I guess we wait until them golden gates
Open faith
an open state
Solid ground wont resonate
Because truth is terrifying
Back-stab my heart
in compliance
we’re so goddam reliant!
makes my mind  so goddam violent
Smoke a blunt with guilt and silence.
just hope we reachin heaven alright
We see them devils in white
Had a friend, once tell me
I have the reverends sight
–Cam ie

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