That’s okay. You can say my mouth is rusted and
My clothes drag
Or they aren’t quite bright
As the others.
Or my house isn’t quite lined up, probably. The friendly speech, and the wide
Eyes. And you all seem so bright . Light pressing against you.
Structured frames, stiff back
And that light stares you down. Because from rustic routine and rustic morale and what seemed rational … Will break in you.
And it is the glass you see and that fall to your feet. Curved faces .. staring down. And you see truth never so sharpe, and a rare reflection that pushes back into a place of honor and sensibility and rationality. The unfamiliar. You have the fear pressed down. And pressed and pressed until light has become truth. And your kind words behind your tactic thought will leave you breathless. And they thought it was me that deserved no honor or trust. I am just as simple as sand. And air and rivers and the rare smell of a peare
You all seem so happy.and they thought it was me
Cam ie


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