Cat Piss


“Who was it? .. Was it you Oliver, or you Thor?”

Cat piss all over my clothes! As if the day couldn’t get any worse.

“I know it was you, “thor!”

I can tell by the finesse in your eyes, the way you smell the evidence of damp ruin clothes.

The way your eyes slant to the edge, staring at me,

wondering if I figured it out yet.

The smell, lifting and giving me a big filthy wet hug.

Its boxing me in, unbearable.

What will they think at the laundry?

have you ever considered that? Of course not.

You’re just a sly cat, without worry, without consequence.

And you know that, even if I did know it was you, I’d never hit you.

Oh but im hitting you all over, in between and around my head right now.

But you know, i’m a softie

and my complaints, are just useless complaints.

More to myself, than you.

— Cam Ie


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