The Interview

So after weeks of complaining of feeling useless, and completely lost in this world, I finally got a job interview this Friday. In the job post that I written,  I was completely honest about my situation. According to the many many movies I do watch, admitting that you’ve been out of work for some years, and in many words saying I may be a bit incompetent … oddly triggers some interest in people.

Maybe , helping someone who is partially a loser, and partially incompetent, may make employers feel like somewhat of a hero, or that silver lining, an unfortunate person may need. I’ll admit, helping anyone less fortunate than me, makes me feel good about myself. Or it could be someone who has been in a similar situation like me, and willing to extend their neck out. Whatever it is, I got the interview!

The woman who called me, asked if I have any experience with costumer service, and I said no. She didnt really seem bothered by that fact. Then we went through a brief history of previous employment. Then she told me to come in for an interview on Friday on Newbury St. (in Boston) and wear professional attire…. I always felt completely small on Newbury street, The street  seem so long, with prestigious smug “rich” people. If not rich then they are difinitely more well off than I am. I always  get a sense of “not belonging” …  But I am willing to fight my negative thoughts, and just extend myself out there as best as I could. Worse case scenario, I dont get the job but at least it feels like the beginning of some spark that may possibly lead me on a path to other sparks and possibilities. So fuck yeah!


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