I decided to get myself back out there (socially.) Mainly because I needed a distraction from boredom, and loneliness that I seemed to cape myself in lately. I mean I appreciate my alone time, but sometimes I miss the rest of the running, and living world.

I met, this guy, over the internet. Ten years ago, that might have sound lame, but in the modern, progressive world, thats pretty much all we have. He came over, and I wasnt particularly looking for anything romantic. As I said before, i’m slowly inching my way  back way in.

We’ll Call him Aries. An Aries was a pretty interesting guy. Interesting, in the sense, that I could relate in some ways to his situations, good comebacks were exchanged and he just came across as honest. And I always say, honesty is extremely  important, and  somewhat of a sexy quality.He wasn’t particularly special in looks. Average height, lean, tall white guy with a white hoodie.

My roommate was there, so I thought that might give the impression of a buddy buddy, lets chill, smoke pot, and swap conversation type of environment. Which it had, and I was pretty witty, and pretty savvy that night. I must say, I was pretty impressed with myself.

So the Night ends, smoke stops, roommate gets tired, says goodnight and goes off to bed. I stood up, he stood up. And said he had a great time, and hugged me. Then I walked him to the door. He asked if I really had a good time. And I said yes, and he hugged me again.

Then I told him to get home safe, and text me when he’s in the house. He replied, of course, and said maybe we can do this again. He repeats how he really enjoyed my roommates and my company. And I told him sure, we’ll keep in touch. Then he goes in for his final hug. I could tell he was coming in slower than the first two. Already, i felt the awkwardness creep, and stiff my body into an uncomfortable hug, then he pulled back slowly, and I stared but briefly. Too awkward to meet his eyes. He took a step forward, while I took a step back, and told him alright goodnight and be safe … and shut the front door.

It is automatically assumed, that after hanging out with a man (even causally) for the first time, a kiss is an automatic assumption? Nothing romantic, or suggestive happened before the awkward hug and kiss … so I assumed we were on the same level with things. Needless to say, we weren’t, and I kind of felt awkward and uncomfortable for the both of us.  Maybe I should of gave him a sympathy peck?


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