Fierce Modesty

I am humble,

but I say this with modesty so adamant, fierce.

And when I am important one day,

and everyone of you who doubted me,

who called me stuck,

or called me useless,

or was convinced that it was impossible for me to be anything…

My presence will creep behind you.

and I will never say “I told you so.”

Your eyes will peel back

to moments when your critical glare

stomped me down.

or when your barbed words

cut into me, like samurai swords

or your thoughts, so personified

snatched me by the throat and laughed.

and I will tower, my weightless body turn giant

will lift you up and  I will  stare.

With harsh modesty, my stare will shrink you

and I will never say “I told you so”

But my comeback will  ruffle

waves, it will bite the air.

Shadows,  small and glinting

will reach back in  memory,

reminders that will spark  past

and every misconception or abrasive thought

will mirror a red face, with red eyes, and

and red tears.

my extinct image

will stand before you.

and I will never say I told you so.

My humility outgrew you ages ago,

my fragile frame now a mighty hurricane

will never smack you with degradation

and rip the confidence,

or pluck your certainty or  morale.

but the person who you once renounced,

who you  groused

will be you, outlined in this mirror, forced

to stare and mock yourself,

and you will mock so adamantly, so fiercely

that you’ll split and break.

— Cam Ie


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