Liebster Award Nomination


I’ve been nominated to participate in the Liebster Award. Which I would like to personally thank  psychopathsgetbored28 for the nomination. Who I believe is very inspiring and an extremely exceptional writer.  There  is also a link on psychopathsgetbored28 blog for rules and guidelines.  I’m still a newbie at this blogging stuff. So hopefully i’m doing this right 🙂

My 11 questions:

If you could travel anywhere in the universe (include the planets, stars and other galaxies, no worries) where would you go?

I would travel to the moon. Since I can  be an astrology weirdo. The Moon, being my ruler.
Tea, coffee or both?

I enjoy both tea, and coffee. But noticing myself become more of a coffee gal lately: Black 🙂
What inspired you to create your blog?

I was constantly reading blogs before I decided to start one, and found many of them inspirational, and helpful when I was going through particular issues of my own and thought maybe I can inspire or be inspired by other fellow bloggers.
What is your favourite season?

I absolutely love winter. Being a New England girl, I always enjoyed layering up, it reminds me of going off to battle.
One thing that you lost, and miss dearly.

I lost a really great book that a friend gave me, and it had a very special personal note written inside.
Your favourite book (if you don’t read much then movie)

Favorite book would be As I Lay Dying (William Faulkner) Love the challenge in reading his work.
The one song that makes you happy no matter what.

Marvin Gaye – “Got to Give it up”
Are you a morning or a night person?

Hard to answer, I would say early morning person, because I believe thats when I get some good writing done.
Do you like going to social events/parties/outings?

I only like going to social evens/parties/ or outings when I’m buzzed enough to feel comfortable in a crowd.
Do you use a pen name/pseudonym?

Yes I do .. Cam Ie (which a lot of people think the I is and L so .. people assume its Cam Li .. which oddly i’m beginning to prefer.)
How many languages do you speak?

Only speak English, and butchered English 🙂

So for my nominations, my nominees are :

Night Edited




Cha Annie





Carole Parkes


And my 11 questions for my nominees:

  1. Where was your first kiss?
  2. Who is your favorite writer?
  3. What is your favorite quote (movie, book, poem)
  4. Whats your zodiac sign??
  5. What poet, author, actor/actress inspires you?
  6. What is your favorite song?
  7. Whats your favorite color?
  8. Are you married, single, divorced?
  9. Where are you originally from?
  10. If you can travel anywhere, what country would you travel to?
  11. What will you be doing today in 3 hours?

(Rules being – Receive the award, thank the nominator, answer 11 questions, and spread the love to 11 other bloggers.)

lol hopefully I did this right, you can either choose to participate, but no hard feelings if you dont 🙂


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