Just feeling so defeated for the past couple of days … I’ve been unemployed for quite sometime, and breaking back in the work field has been so exhausting and so far reached. This has just been something on my mind a lot recently. Having anxiety or manic depression doesn’t make it that much easier. But I want to work and willingly ready but feel so unqualified for everything. Theres been this huge gap in my life … and i’m trying to shrink it and it seems nearly impossible. Today has just been an up and down day. Especially the feeling of uselessness just overshadowing me. I’m just at a point were I feel ridiculously stuck … and just ready to work again but feel like its such a far fetch idea … I probably wouldnt even hire me lol. Im sure when I least expect it something will come slamming my way. but when??? I’m waiting to begin school in January, but school still doesnt provide an income. I just dont know what to do at this moment … trying to keep positive and keep my spirits high, but even that feels useless.

I just wish I took more initiative early on in my life, and wish I can go back in time and take advantage of the many opportunities that I’ve blown off. Ughh, life has caught up to me fast, and sadly im realizing it more and more everyday.


3 thoughts on “Stuck”

  1. The words in which you speak… I can definitely relate. Almost six years unemployed and it does weigh heavy on your mind and heart. I went through the stress, depression, anxiety, tears and the feeling of being useless. I blamed the supervisors for letting me go but then something amazing happened… I found God. I started meditating, reading books on how to bounce back, received help from mentors, exercising to keep my mind at ease, surrounding myself with positive people, focused my time and energy on how to become a creative entrepreneur.

    It gets easier. When I stopped complaining and started writing down what I was grateful for…things in my life started to change. Prayer works! Ask it, claim it, receive it & speak it into existence! I refuse to allow stress to defeat me. Your time is coming! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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    1. I appreciate your words. They are very encouraging, prayer does work, I do agree. Even when I pray and speak to God alone, I slowly feel the stress lifting out of me. This I must do more. Thank you, I really do appreciate you saying this. Its nice to hear people who were once in a similar situation and how they rose above it.Because knowing youre not alone, can give someone tremendous hope. 🙂 So I thank you for a third time lol because I really needed to hear this.


      1. No problem. Times are hard…it’s not easy but with Faith the impossible is possible. I use to think I was the only one because it does feel like that but than you remember it’s millions of people going through the same thing if not worse. I have a 12 year old and she keeps me motivated. Your breakthrough is coming. 🙂

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