Universe Conspires


September 8th 2014 Encounter

Yesterday I woke up in a very depressive kind of mood. I mentioned before how I am a manic depressive … so waking up in a shitty depressing mood, isnt all that surprising.

So after about 3 hours of self-loathing, I convinced myself to  snap out of it and get the fuck out the house. So I planned on going over to a friends house. I needed a distraction, and most importantly a drink.

On my journey to my friend Peters house, I was walking and was stopped by an older gentlemen. Now usually when men try and stop me and try and get my attention, I just give an appreciative smile, say hi and keep on moving. But for some reason, the tiny voice in my head, told me to stop. So I stopped and took the time to chat with him for a bit.

He was upset about the patriots losing that day, and was in a weird place, and he started speaking of a screenplay he was writng and kind of got stuck  on it at the moment. Which I found immediately interesting …  me being an aspiring poet, and writer .. and that I also begin a screenplay back at 19, fascinated me … so we continued talking … and he asked for my name … and I told him … Camille. He had this bewildered look in his face, which begin confusing me. He said, “youre lying right? and I said no, thats my name. Then he begin speaking of how sometimes the universe conspires in a way where some people are meant to meet, and cross paths. He said his screenplay was called ” Nathan and Camille” … and I saw in his eyes, he was a little taking aback.

He went further, said “now I definitely be spooked out if you said your birthday was in July” … and I told him yeah, July 13th .. and he backed up a bit, even more surprised and told me his birthday was July 14th.

He said, ” you know what Camille, I am extremely happy we happened to cross paths today .. and also admitted that he never stops people to talk but just was pulled in somehow to engage in a conversation with me. Just like I was with him.

He begin saying, i’m moving next week, but I do believe this wasnt an accident that we have crossed paths today.” Begin saying how he was a bit stuck at this screenplay for awhile … and meeting me kind of inspired him in a weird sense. Then went on to say .. “I’m gonna end the conversation here but if I ever make it big with this screenplay, I will reflect back to this moment. And if the universe does conspire, I do believe this will not be the last time we cross paths.”

I think the funny part is, that I believe him. Me being in a funk, and him being in a funk … and our encounter … changed the rest of that day for the both of us.

Just thought that was an interesting encounter …



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