Bigger Than She Ought to Be

I do remember. I was just a little girl, and my sister was older than me.

And I hadn’t realized it until now, that she was bigger than she ought to be.

Life struck her in the face.

My mom was out until the clock went dry.

But I loved her.

When she returned or when she didnt. I loved her.

The drug existed in her, it really wasn’t her fault.

but it was and still I loved her.

One day, when my mom was left out.

I cried. The tears just sliding down  my face.

Just dropping recklessly.

and my sister was there.

She put my mothers hat on, and my mothers old musty coat.

and shook her hands to the side.

and they spoke louder than her. But she spoke… “I’m home.”

I cried harder, and ran to her.

— Cam Ie


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